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Vertabase Timer 3.0 - for Windows and MAC

Fun & Easy way to track time on projects and track time on clients.
Sleek desktop time tracking clock for Windows and MAC.
  • Keep track of your time in the handy Time Log and Graph It.
  • Export time reports to CSV or XML.
  • Personalize the Timer to match your style, time format and date format.
  • Bill rates, task notes and time reminders.

With all the top features requested by our community.

From the makers of Vertabase online project management software.

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Vertabase Timer - track time

"Love the program!"
- Dave

I have found the Timer invaluable and have recommended it to many of my colleagues.
- Andrew P.

Enter email address and click
on the button to download
the Vertabase Timer.
Requires Adobe AIRTM.
Vertabase Timer - time log, task info, bill rates
Vertabase Timer - graphs and personalize

NOTE: Vertabase Timer is distributed as is. Use at your own risk. Vertabase Timer runs on Adobe AIRTM and is written in Flex.


To start tracking time on a project, client or activity, click "Start."
To stop tracking time on a project, client or activity, click "Stop."

You can then add details about that project, client or activity.
You can add them after clicking "Stop" or anytime through the TIME LOG report.
You can edit entries and time by clicking on that entry in the TIME LOG report.

If you've tracked time on the project, client or activity already, it will be listed in the autosuggest.
If not, type it in and click "Start." This will add the project, client or activity to the list of items.

"TIME LOG" shows you how you've spent your time by project, client or activity.
Click on a main task to open-up a tree showing time spent by day.
Clicking on any item allows you to edit that activity.

You can sort the tasks by name.
You can also filter the results by selecting a specific task or date range to look up.

"Export" exports your TIME LOG report to either an XML file or a CSV file.
It also exports the bill rate and cost for each item.

"Clear all Records" deletes the information in "TIME LOG."

WARNING: Make sure you Export your information before you Clear. This is the only way to save historic data.
Once you "Clear" that information is gone.

"Chart It" generates informative charts where you can see bar charts and pie charts.
"Time Chart" shows you how you've spent your time.
"Cost Chart" shows you which items have generated the most money for you.

"Settings" allows you to:
  1. Personalize the Timer
  2. Control Notification preferences
  3. Manage task details

"Personalize" allows you to enter your name as you'd like it to appear on exports.
You can name your Vertabase Timer.
You can select a different color theme.
You can select 12hr or 24 hour Time Format.
You can select U.S. (mm/dd/yyyy) or European (dd/mm/yyyy) Date Format.
Make sure to "Save" your preferences.

"Notifications" allows you choose to have the Vertabase Timer launch on start-up.
You can choose if you want to be notified via the desktop and/or a sound when time has passed working on a particular task.
Or, you can turn choose neither and turn off the notifications.

"Tasks" allows you to enter general details about a task.
You can also ADD and DELETE tasks from here.
You can enter a BILL RATE for a task.
Note, changing the bill rate will be applied to all past time on that task as well.

You can enter general notes about a task.
You can enter an email address, phone number and address related to a task.
Download Vertabase Timer
Click on the button to download
the Vertabase Timer.
Requires Adobe AIRTM.

I need to charge my time to many account codes and have been searching for the perfect time tracker. I found the Vertabase Timer after many searches and downloads and it is perfect, not only in performance and the way it gives me the breakdown, but the way it looks!
- Susanne

Great product. Very easy to use.
I'm recommending this tool to
everyone I know.
- Timer

"I downloaded the timer for use
on my Mac and it is great for
what I need."
- Anonymous

"I discovered this program and
it's great!"
- Johan

"It's a wonderful Timer with so
many options."
- Tymiria

LOVE the timer! It is definitely off
to a great start. Thank you and
Keep up the great work!!!
- Paula

Love this application. I spent countless hours trying to find a time tracking tool exactly like
this app.
- Anonymous

Thanks a lot for this application!
I have been looking for one
that does just this.
- Joe

Download Vertabase Timer
Click on the button to download
the Vertabase Timer.
Requires Adobe AIRTM.

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You can set a REMINDER for the Timer to remind you that you are working on a task.
The reminder will be an onscreen reminder and/or a sound, depending on what you select in NOTIFICATIONS.
Note, if you turn off both onscreen and sound settings in notifications, you will not be reminded, even if you have set a reminder for the task.

What's New in v3.0

  1. New look
  2. Name your widget
  3. Custom skins for the widget
  4. Launch on start-up option
  5. Desktop and Sound notification options
  6. Charts and Graphs for time and bill rates
  7. Bill rates on tasks
  8. More notes on tasks
  9. Contact information on tasks
  10. More edit options on tasks and time
  11. Reminders that you're working on a particular task -never forget when you're tracking time.

What was new in v2.0

  1. Elapsed time -both now and for all time;
  2. 24hr or 12hr am/pm time preferences;
  3. European and US date format preferences, DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY;
  4. Rapid task switching. Typing in a new item to time will automatically stop the clock on the previous item and save that time (you can add notes later);
  5. Autosave when the application closes.
  6. Export to an external server (for details on the structure of the export click here).

And what was new in v1.5

This included export to CSV, making activities editable and adding meaningful tags to the XML export.
The application was also rebuilt in Adobe Flex.

We want to hear from you too! To leave feedbacks, email us at .

If you'd like us to help you set-up time reports for people in your organization, contact us or call us at 888.505.0566.

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